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Welcome To Grays Convent V.L.E

Our school is an 11-16 Catholic girls’ school, committed to teaching the Christian faith and to providing an excellent education for all the girls in our care.

We have excellent academic results and in March 2008 received an outstanding OFSTED report. Grays Convent School is a Specialist Language College and pupils have the opportunity to study French, Spanish, Italian, German and Yoruba.

Your daughter will come to a school where she will be encouraged to meet her potential in all areas; spiritually, academically and socially. We provide opportunities for our girls to become confident and successful young women able to respond to the challenges of the world around them.

We aim to work in partnership with parents, the parishes and the wider community.

What Is a V.L.E ?

A VLE is a virtual classroom that allows teachers and students to communicate with each other online. Class information, learning materials, and assignments are typically provided via the Web. Students can log in to the class website to view this information and may also download assignments and required reading materials to their computers. Some VLEs even allow assignments and tests to be completed online.

In a virtual classroom, the teacher may communicate with the students in real-time using video or Web conferencing. This type of communication is typically used for giving lectures and for question and answer sessions. If the teacher only needs to send out a homework assignment, he or she can simply post a bulletin on the class website. The students may also receive an e-mail notification letting them know a new assignment has been posted. If class members have questions about the homework, they can participate in online forums or submit individual questions to the teacher.


Site news

Picture of M Pinckney
Students sent to ICT rooms
by M Pinckney - Thursday, 6 October 2011, 07:18 PM

I would advise staff not to let any students from other lessons in to the ICT room you have booked, unless they have a note from their class teacher. There have been incidents of pupils skipping lessons to use the ICT rooms. They claim they have been sent by their teacher when this is not the case

Picture of M Pinckney
Improve your listening skills
by M Pinckney - Sunday, 18 September 2011, 01:45 PM

The keystone to effective  learning is to improve your listening skills. This will help you reach your maximum attainment levels.

It is essential you listen to your teachers at all times and other students when they are making points in the lesson.

Available Courses

Course categories

Course categories

How to use the VLE 
 How to use this VLE
 KS4 English ResourcesSummary
 Year 7Summary
 KS3 English ResourcesSummary
 ActiveTeach-Teacher GuidesThis course requires an enrolment key
 Renaissance LearningThis course allows guest users to enterSummary
 Miss Mc Intyre
 Punctuation course
 Active Teach - Student GuidesSummary
 Year 11 Revision Sessions
 Information for Pupils and Parents
 Mr Scott's Folder
 Maths Resources
 Open questions and activities
 Mr.Chiramal (2013-2014)
 Maths Challenge
 GCSE Paper Practice
 Mrs Luxton's Folder
 Mrs Mardanpour's Folder
 Dr Mardanpour's Folder
 Mr Williams' Folder
 Mr Stinton's Folder
 KS4 Maths online resourcesSummary
 KS3 Maths online resources
 Mr Chiramal's Folder
 AQA Trilogy PLC's and Glossary
 Year 8 Science Summer term 2017 onwards
 Year 8 Science Autumn Term 2017 onwards
 AQA Physics Triple and Trilogy P11 to P16
 AQA Physics Triple and Trilogy P6 to P10
 AQA Physics Triple and Trilogy P1 to P5
 AQA Chemistry Triple and Trilogy C11 to C15
 AQA Chemistry Triple and Trilogy C6 to C10
 AQA Chemistry Triple and Trilogy C1 to C5
 AQA Biology Triple and Trilogy B13 to B18
 AQA Biology Triple and Trilogy B7 to B12
 AQA Biology Triple and Trilogy B1 to B6
 Year 8 Science Spring Term 2017 onwards
 Year 7 2015-6 Graphs and Tables
 KS3 Data Handling, Graphs and Tables
 Year 7B Science 2017 on
 Year 7A Science 2017 on
 Ms James
 Ms James
 Science KS4
 Science KS3Summary
 GCSE ICT Interactive
 OCR Cambridge NationalsSummary
 OCR Unit 21
 U2 Edexcel
 OCR National ICT Unit 1
 OCR U2 Web DesignSummary
 UNIT OCR Nationals ICTSummary
 KS3 Year 9 ICT
 KS3 Year 8 ICTSummary
 KS3 Year 7 ICTSummary
 Edexcel GCSE Student Book
Business and Communication Systems 
 BCS Practical WorkSummary
 BCS TheorySummary
 Geography KS3Summary
 International RelationsSummary
 Britain 1931-1951Summary
 General History RevisionSummary

exam papers 
 Year 8 Art
 Year 9 Art
 Year 7 Art
 GCSE Vocational Art
 GCSE Fine Art
Design and Technology 
 Year 7 Resistant Materials
 Year 8 Resistant Materials
 Food Technology Year 10
 GCSE Food Technology
 Food Technology Year 7
 Food Technology Year 8
 Food Technology Year 9
 Resistant materials
 Year 9 Resistant Materials
PSHE and Citizenship 
 Aims of the Citizenship Course
 Citizenship - Year 10 & 11
 Citizenship - Year 7
 Citizenship - Year 8
 Citizenship - Year 9
Religious Education 
 Schemes of Work
 Mark's Gospel
 Catholic Christianity GCSE
 Year 7-9 assessments
 ST Mark's Gospel GCSE Mrs Collis
 Pope Benedict XVI in the United KingdomSummary
Physical Education 
 BTEC Sport Level 1 / 2
 Miss Finch's folder
 Year 10 GCSE PE Mrs Wells
 Year 10 GCSE Miss Jakobek
 Core Physical Education
 Music Year 11
 Music Year 10
 Music Year 9
 Music Year 7
 Music Year 8
 Information for Parent's on Memory activities for your Daughter
 Year 11 Listening
 1H - Listening
 French internet resources
 Year 7 French
 Year 8 French
 Year 9 French
 Year 10 French
 Year 11 French
 Year 9 Spanish
 Year 10 Spanish
 Year 11 Spanish
 Schemes of Work MFL
 Languages News
 Spanish- internet resources
Staff Training 
 Pupils & Staff Videos
Child Development 
 Child Developments Theory
 Child Development - Child Study
  Child Development - GCSE Resource Task
Travel And Tourism 
 Year 11
 Year 10
School Information 
 Head Girl & Prefect Applications

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